"I can't speak highly enough of Robert's talent and work ethic. His ears are amazing and his ideas are innovative and fresh— plus he's a class-A bloke to boot!"

» Tony Vincent «

Why we ♥ LeSmith
He makes our music shiny. Not shitty. He listens to our suggestions even though his ears can beat George Saint Pierre in a poutine eating contest. He doesn't make us feel like tiny insects just because he's important. Maybe like big insects...like a Brooklyn cockroach. He has flashy studio toys, and only leaves the tags with €uros on because our math sucks. But most of all, we ? Robert L. Smith because his name is [almost] cool.

» Raul and Wynn of Heartcopy «

I was looking for a mastering engineer who could bring out the best in my mixes. As a mix engineer with high career goals, it's pertinent that you have someone who can make you sound even better. Robert offered to master a metal track I mixed and with my very generic notes, he got the master down spot on. Width, enhanced low end and general mastering EQ clean up all while retaining dynamics which is important to me. If you need label quality masters, you're at the right place.

» Josh Hayward-Astral Plane Studios «

Robert is the assured quiet presence in the studio that knows and appreciates the talent he surrounds himself with, using it as an asset to his own. He brings years of experience to the table that make him more cutting edge and down to earth than any other engineer/producer/mixer I've worked with. I've called upon him many times for his expertise in sound design and music business and will continue to for years to come. He's a secret weapon I can rely on.

» Clara Lofaro «

The minute we stepped into the studio with Robert we knew that we were in good hands; he's got a great vibe, and that's the most important thing to have right in the studio. We were so impressed by Robert that we chose after our recording session to have him mix the tracks, and master them too! But we just knew, that not only did he have a vast experience, but he also had a very pure and artistic sensibility that he brings to every job that he does.

» Owen O Suilleabhain «

Robert is THE perfect engineer and mix/master technician. Though I have only worked with him once, he is the bar that I rate the rest by. Learned and Innocent, he loves music AND originality. His schedule also speaks for itself, just take a look at his diary and you will feel VERY lucky to have his attention!

» Moley O Suilleabhain «

I've done many, many recording sessions and never have I had so much fun and been so pleased with the end results than I have after working with Robert. I had a vision going into the recording of my album and Robert expanded on it and took it to an entirely different level. The final product turned out to be better and more amazing than I could have ever imagined. His knowledge, dedication, and love for his craft is why he is one of the best in this business. I sincerely cannot wait to work with him more in the future.

» Sergio Ortega «

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Robert in the studio. His expertise, amazing ears and great energy made for a truly enjoyable and successful session. Robert really takes the time to get to know your music and vision for the project in order to achieve the ideal sound. We couldn't be happier with the results. I can't wait to work with him again!

» Katie Scheele « » Threeds Oboe Trio «

I have worked with Robert for a little over three years now. In that time, he has mastered two albums and one EP for me. Robert was recommended very highly to me by my producer, and it is easy to see why. With each project, Robert has acted with a care and respect that is hard to find these days. His love of music is a clear reflection of the work he puts out. I am so lucky to have found him, and even more grateful to call him my friend.

» Sharon Kenny «

With Robert, every suggestion, every direction is in service to the song, and he consistently over-delivers on his promises. When I first read his discography, I was both impressed and a bit intimidated by the big names he'd worked with, but found his personality to be a far cry from the megalomania that his credits would justify. Robert 'Lucky' Smith is not only a stellar engineer and a gifted producer; he is also friggin' hilarious. What I enjoy most about working with Robert is having the comfort level to go out on any artistic (or just plain oddball) limb and know that he will not only remain judgment free, but may already be farther out on that same limb, beckoning. And when it comes time for the final project, he is the Master of Masterers. I have a sneaking suspicion that Robert invented many of the sound engineering standards in use today...

» Valerie Mize «

You know how you want your project to sound. In your head you know the color of every phrase and every note, but to get the sound you want you need an engineer, that has not only mastered the art of sound, but who is willing to give your project the commitment and attention to detail he would give his own. Robert Smith IS that engineer. He has proven his care for the success of my recording projects time and time again. I recommend his services to anyone who is looking for the guy that "Get's it"!

» Kelly Warwick «

You are a legend! I love you! To your titles of "sound engineer" "mixer" "masterer" "producer", I think you should add RESUSCITATOR OF BIZARRELY-KIDNAPPED-AND-BEATEN-INTO-SUBMISSION ALBUMS. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? =)

» Tara Novak «

Robert's got something infinitely more valuable than just great recording equipment...his ears tell the truth, every time, and are beyond reproach

» Kyle Turner «

It's great to work with someone who knows how to preserve the true essence of a song while nurturing it to it's full potential. Robert is protective of a song’s inception yet a master at pushing the envelope...gently.

» Stacie Rose «

Robert makes recording easy again. When we'd arrive at a session, he'd have the headphone mixes perfectly prepared, and everything set to roll, so we could let our inspiration take us wherever it wanted to go that particular day.

» Django Haskins «

Robert can get a great sound and set up gear faster than anyone I know! As an artist, I consider him to be a great engineer not only for his technical expertise, but because he is so sensitive to the needs of artists. He has a great personality, and I love working with him. We always seem to laugh like crazy when we work together. It's all part of the fun, and why he is one of my favorite people to work with!

» Jo Davidson «

Never before have I worked in an environment so conducive to creativity. Defy has what you need, and what you don't know you need, affording complete freedom in the studio. As an artist, I look for an engineer I can trust will deliver, allowing me to concentrate on the creation process. Robert L. Smith is a defining example of how the engineer/artist relationship should work.

» Tyler Summers «

When I learned that Robert Smith is both an Experienced Gear Head and Musical Visionary, I knew I had to work with him. When I worked with him and learned that he knows exactly how to make a sensitive girl singer relax and sound like a pro? I knew I'd be an IDIOT if I didn't keep comin' back for more.

» Jennifer Haase «

Defy Studio is an oasis of musical calm and excellence. Robert Smith has masterful control over his environment and sets the tone for even the most challenging of projects. I am always confident that my clients will be thrilled with the results.

» Michael Mancini «

Robert Lucky Smith worked tirelessly to mix/master and make sure I was happy with every nanosecond of my CD!!!! He is a dream! –

» Jan Horvath «

During the past several years, I have had the privilege of working with Robert Smith on a number of recording projects, ranging from live string sessions for film to basic Rock tracking, including editing, mixing and pre-mastering a wide variety of releases. Working with Robert has become a critical part of my production process: I have come to rely on his professional demeanor and treatment of my clients and musicians, his unerring sonic intuition, and his efficient and reliable recording chops. No matter what challenges I present, Robert never fails...

» Paul Brill «

I never have to worry about how the project will turn out when I work with Robert Smith. It's a given that everything will sound great. Robert sets up a great vibe and seems to anticipate whatever musical or technical directions you'll need to take to make everything smooth. I have mixed many projects with Robert and they have ALL come out sounding excellent, always beyond expectations. Robert truly applies himself to his craft and keeps getting better and better and better....

» Peter Calo «

Robert has one of the easiest to be in, most professional studio environments available in NYC. Everything sounds amazing, and the drum sounds in particular are outstanding. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with him, because it's easy, fun and the results are always great'.

» Richard Hammond «